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Yvonne Ivey

Yvonne Ivey

Yvonne Ivey

About Yvonne…..

Hi everyone as you can see I am an artist and I love working with themes.

The theme that I chose this time, was one of self expression. A journey that for many years I have traveled, and see many in life going through too.

I love working with colour and also verses.

I post a lot of my versus online, with many of them being about life and the way that the depressive journey starts for me.

My main aim is to show other people how they can overcome fears and to learn to be more creative in life.

Over the years I have helped myself with many methods used by Libby Seery. I have found more interest and feel this is what I need to do to use my artistic skills and overcome my emotions.

I now help out on Art Therapy Now Community. I feel this is a great part of my life and offers me a creative outlet as well as the many other members of the community.

I love being able to set a project for everyone, and be able to talk about the project and the feelings and emotions it may evoke. This is a great way to encourage others who are experiencing similar problems, and to express themselves through arts and crafts .

I have found by doing art and craft it helps me enormously.

I would encourage others to be truthful about their feelings and not to hide them away. Start to bring your feelings forward and place them upon canvas.

This is only the start of my experience but a lesson has been learned. That lesson has taught me to go forwards in life, and never stop creating.

Creativity is in all of us, and all we need to do is to open up and bring forward that creation. Creation is a great way to heal, as it brings out everything from inside of us to the outside world. This is when we can get the healing that was needed .
My experiences found that art and health go together .

Now, when I look at art I can truly say I am trying to heal once again . I would encourage anyone who suffers from depression to open up towards the self expression and go forward with their art work .
Let’s hope that in the future we can move on with our lives in this way. As I know from my own personal journey, art therapy is a great healer.

With love,

Yvonne Ivey


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