Guest Host:

Polla-Ilariya Kozino

Polla-Ilariya Kozino

Polla-Ilariya Kozino


Polla-Ilariya Kozino, also known as @kozinoart is an international artist, filmmaker, producer, and director who is currently is getting certified as an art therapist.


Polla-Ilariya worked on many animations and films, including recent animation by Laika Entertainment “Missing Link”. She is also known for creating a stunning animation short that has collected over 40 awards in film festivals all over the world, “The Ribbon”.


You can see her artworks on Instagram: @kozinoart 




To see more of Polla-Ilariya’s filmography check out her IMDB page:

Here’s just some of Polla-Ilariya’s amazing art work

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