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Lily Stokes

Lily Stokes

Lily Stokes

Liliquestetix Personal Training and Nutrition offers every individual the Tools needed to achieve their health, nutrition, fitness and physique Goals. Lily Stokes (Qualified Personal Trainer Online Coach and Nutritionist specialist) Owner, founder of Liliquestetix Personal Training and Nutrition offering you a wide Range of Home and Gym based Personal Training, Lifestyle Coaching and Nutritional services, Customized Training Programs, Nutritional plans through Online Based Personal Training. Supplying you with all the tools needed in achieving your own unique Goals. Whether you are looking for guidance in achieving your dream physique, follow a healthy lifestyle, improve eating habits or looking to compete in Fitness and Bodybuilding competitions this is for you!!

From Coach Lily:


▪️I will help you to achieve your Dream body by supplying you with all the tools needed

▪️I will teach and show you, exactly how to train

▪️I will show you how to eat for your specific goals, lifestyle, medical history, budget etc

▪️I will push you beyond your limits and bring out your full potential

▪️I will design you your own personalised training plan that fits your goals, body, schedule and lifestyle

▪️I will design you a balanced Nutritional plan that will not only help achieve your Physique goals but that is sustainable to suit your body, budget and lifestyle

▪️I will supply you with Healthy recipes and teach you how to eat healthy, balanced and enjoy your food

▪️I will push, motivate and guide you every step of the way

▪️You will be part of a team. Supporting each other through their journeys just like you are.

You can connect with me here:

Instagram: @Liliquestetix

Facebook: @Liliquestetix

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