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Kira Diane Lester

Kira Diane Lester

Kira Diane Lester

My name is Kira Diane Lester.

I have been giving healing all of my life, even to small animals and birds as a small child.. As an adult, I became a ‘Radiance Therapy’ practitioner (the forerunner of Reiki), and a qualified Hypnotherapist (M.I.A.H DHP).. I added these tools to my healing repertoire, and later included EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and energy meridian work (see Donna Eden)..

In 2010, I experienced a ‘walk-in’ of my Higher Self Elohim Aspect, a part of me that exists at the 10th dimensional level of existence.. The Elohim are responsible for creating the Human design, our physical form, and DNA.. They gave me a download of light codes, which have given me access to a much higher/faster healing technology. This has come through by way of attunements/activations, and light systems, which will empower you not only to heal and upgrade yourself, but to do the same for others…

There is much need for this work today. We are moving into a New Era for mankind, and the old methods will no longer serve us as they once did..

I have returned the ‘Gateway Systems’ to Earth, that were responsible for the Great Light of Atlantis.. The energy from these systems, has now reached critical mass, thanks to the wonderful efforts of the activators such as Riana, who have been using it.. This means that this amazing energy will now easily pass from person to person, transforming All it touches to Light.

If you want to read more about how the energy works, please visit our dedicated website, or my main website

The Quantum Energy of the ‘Gateway Systems’ works 10,000 times faster than the speed of light! But there are even more powerful healing energies which are now available to us, that come from beyond the quantum level, such as the ‘Ketheric Healing System’. This energy works at the original causal level, to free us from illness/disease and disharmony..

You can read more about this if you visit

There is also a similar system to the Ketheric one, the ‘Matrix Recalibration System’. It also addresses the cause of illness, by viewing the matrix code that caused the illness (generally our emotions), and removing it, or by actually changing our body parts to their original healthy code..

To read more about this system, please visit

It is my dearest wish to see everyone restored to Perfect Health and Wellbeing, and to achieve their highest potential… “


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