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Julia Lincoln

Julia Lincoln

Julia Lincoln

Julia Lincoln

Briefly, my background in healing, started in my early thirties when confronted with health issues and a seriously ill dog, so like many others I was not getting answers from mainstream medicine and started searching and training myself.

I spent many years studying kinesiology, as well as many other subjects including: reiki, animal homoepathy, bowen, cranio sacral balancing. I was hooked on healing, reading everything I could get my hands on!

It was about five years ago I met Harry Oldfield, a scientist, here in Australia, and purchased one of his cameras which show energy fields.

There are many filters and I was particularly interested in using this to view and assess energy fields on a person, before and after a treatment.

Since then, I have collected possibly thousands of photos and I’ve also had a number of papers published in which include some of my photography.

I have since become more interested in the paranormal and making creative videos with music. Anything to do with Energy Photography and Healing is pretty much me in a nutshell!

I have a goal of doing on-line healing with the help of others and photographing the changes in energy fields.

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