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Janine Morningstar

Janine (Morningstar)

Janine (Morningstar)

MORNINGSTAR Janine Chauveau (MorningStar HC)

As a dedicated and full-time healer of people, animals and Mother Earth, I never walk alone as my Guides, Ascendant Masters, the Angels, God and the Universe travel with me daily. 

I am deeply grateful to be blessed from an early age with the gifts of clairvoyance (sight), clairsentience (intuition), clairaudience (hearing) and channelling (energy transference and communication).  I distinctly remember around 10 years old, I knew I had a very special gift of removing entities and dark beings from our physical plane, as well as healing mostly animals and planets.

I only got to healing humans, on and off, around 1992 even though I wasn’t quite sure/knew exactly what or how I was doing it at the time, I knew and saw changes in the humans I touched or “sent beams” to. “We” my Guides, God, Ascendant Masters, Angels and I have been in full time service now for over 10 years.

My gifts and toolkit of healing techniques including NLP (Masters) – Neuro-Linguistic Programming, The Emotion Code, Shamanic Healing, Reiki (Masters) Soul Retrieval and Premises Clearings have benefitted souls all over the world.  Assisting those who cross my path with their soul journeys and always carrying the first law of the universe, do no harm, has led me on the most amazing, fulfilling journey. 

I work in all areas of spirituality such as Shamanic Healing, The Emotion Code, Emotional Release, Native American Healing, Spiritual Healing, Soul Retrieval, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Release 6-12 Past Lives in one Session, Physical Healing, Egyptian Healing, Past Life Regression, Reiki, Aura Cleansing, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing, Munay Ki Rites, Soul Exchange, Money Blessings, Home Cleansings, Business Cleansings, Space Clearing, Sacred Smoke Blessing, Cord Cutting, Walk-ins, Poltergeists, Possessions, Exorcisms, Psychic Attacks. I also assist souls in crossing over to the other side after they have passed on from our physical world.

I have been on Television and have been interviewed on Local and International Radio.  The health and well-being of my clients make me excited; I love seeing their faces when they feel the shifts and changes from within. I enjoy the company of animals enormously, having a special connection to horses and their energy, though I do work with and love all animals. 

People have an active part to play in their own lives and their life lessons are meant to teach them balance, in their “out of balanced” emotions.  Through channelling, guidance and healing, many have gained understanding and with that understanding, peace follows. 

I always work in absolute integrity and my ethics are pure. I will be honoured to assist you in improving your soul journey.

With Truth, Love & Light,

Janine (MorningStar)

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