The Beauty of Learning with Others 

Humans need companionship, conversation, and mutually beneficial relationships in order to not only survive but to thrive.  

As children it is second nature to seek out others, to work together and to raise up those around us as we grow and develop.  We often lose this sense of collective need and benefit as we grow, and the competitive world sets us against each other rather than encouraging and supporting community and sharing.  

Humans are at their very core social animals and throughout history our greatest achievements have come when we have utilised this and worked together. This remains true today, and in an era where communication is more important than ever, we can use a wider range of tools than ever before to connect, converse, and build relationships. 

By working and learning together we can share our knowledge and expertise, develop new solutions to complex problems, and support and encourage each other. This is one reason why children learn best in groups, and we now know that is exactly the same for us adults.  

Online learning is often seen as a solitary pursuit, but with the right access, technology and supportive environment, it can be far more beneficial to our beautiful brain, not to mention much more fun, when comparing it to physical classroom learning.  

Online interactive classroom environments such as ours, allow communities to be built and support to be accessed when it is needed the most.  And as we know guys and girls, this could be any time of the day or night –  After all, we’ve all had an “Art” attack when we’ve not been able to sleep, or we’ve just been so inspired by something that we just want to share it with the rest of the world. 

So, when you take into consideration all of our wonderful world’s time zones, and the many retreat members that represent all four corners of the globe, the reality is, you’ll never be alone, and that’s just what we want for all of you.  Never, ever to feel alone.  

Regardless of how far away we might be from one another in a physical sense, we’ll always be connected.  How cool is that??? 

By sharing and supporting each other, our fabulous members build their own unique skill sets, lift and nurture others when they need it the most, and provide each other with sounding boards so that we can all develop new ideas and new ways of thinking. Something we think the whole world could benefit from.   

The more we know about our fellow man, the more compassion and empathy we have.  It gives us the capacity to understand and respect one another and more importantly, really embrace all those things that makes us deliciously different! 

Unlike many other learning environments, we support and actively encourage our retreat members to share their work, to learn from others, and be able to offer the gift of their wisdom and experience.  

The collective becomes just as important as the individual; a key principle on which all great communities are built.  

Our interactive classrooms and 24/7/365 support access are further enhanced through a study buddy scheme – giving each learner the opportunity to connect with one specific learner who can provide the support, guidance and challenge they need to grow and develop their understanding of the areas that they are studying, as well as helping them reconnect with their creative, positive self.  


Fancy Your Own Study Buddy? 

For all sorts of reasons, we all have our own preferred learning styles, and for some people they flourish most when they’re in a one to one setting.  After all we’re all very much unique and what floats one person’s boat, may not float someone else’s. 

The study buddy scheme is designed to suit the needs of all those guys and girls who feel they benefit most by having a more intimate support system, rather than in a larger group / community setting. 

And of course, let’s not forget, you may prefer to study our retreats entirely on your own.  Well that’s super cool too!  If you decide to travel as a lone ranger, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re never be left to flounder.  You’ll always have a warm reception, and be welcomed with open arms should you need any help at any point. 

A huge element of our retreats is engagement with your fellow members, so we can’t imagine that you won’t have made lifelong friends within no time at all, and you’ll no doubt have a good few study buddies – Oh yes, I forgot to say, there’s no rules here; you can have as many super study buddies as your heart so desires.   

However, if you’re a little more on the shy side, we can always help with a study buddy introduction, by matching like- minded buddies that we feel would be a perfect fit.  Who knows, with all the loving in our self healing retreats, what’s not to say that our study buddy matches, couldn’t develop into a beautiful blossoming buddy study romance!!!  Stop me, I feel like buying a hat for our very first study buddy wedding already!!!!Unlike other online learning environments and holistic retreats, we do not disconnect with you once your learning with us is finished. We believe that learning never stops, and this is the reason why our learning environment remains open to all our students, regardless of how long ago they completed their programme. 

We are developing something that is truly unique and focused on bringing the best out of every student by encouraging them to see the best in each other. You can add your voice to our collective, interactive learning environment by signing up to our online retreat today.